Ends on August 31, 2019


The Protolabs European Cool Idea Award grants up to £50,000 (or €58,000) in Protolabs manufacturing services. As a quarterly programme, the grants can be used by innovative thinkers toward building prototypes and even an initial production run.

The entry process for the Cool Idea Award is your opportunity to shout to the industry about how great your design idea is; to take your product to market without incurring prototyping costs, then tell your story with free publicity for your company and new product! 

How to Apply:

The application process is easy: 

  • Fill out the initial application - it's only a few questions. 
  • Judges will select finalists based on the initial application
  • Finalists will submit product details, including their Protolabs quotes using their 3D CAD model of their part(s)
  • Judges will review the finalists and select a winner(s). 

If selected for a Cool Idea Award, you must use the services within 90 days and should be at a stage in your project that allows you to begin executing immediately. 

Application Accepting Periods

Applicants will only be notified within the 'acceptance' period if they have advanced as a finalist.

  • July 1 - August 31
  • October 1 - November 30

Judging Application Periods

Finalist(s) chosen as a winner(s) will be notified at the end of the judging month.

  • September
  • December